Zebra Nude Experience limited prints from nikosono.com

New Zebra Nude fine art prints

Zebra Nude 6×8′ (148x210mm) new limited edition Fine Art prints are making their way to the Japanese Art galleries as we speak! They are also for sale  and…

Photo 28-10-2015 07 38 24

Zebra Nude : Chapter 9

I have started a new chapter of the Zebra Nude Experience photo series.
Some of the new plates are presented on the @zebranude Instagram account.


Artist Profile

Nikosono’s aerial work is an outlook of Australia that is chic, sophisticated – and seeks out the soul of the Great Southern Land from above.


Latest Exhibitions

Latest Nikosono Exhibitions: Los Angeles, USA. March 2016 1-31st March 2016 : “Australian Biotope” photograph featured at The Icon Gallery, Los Angeles, California. Kanazawa, Japan. February 2016 2-7th…

"White tracks" by Nikosono

“Australian Biotope” photograph featured at The Icon Gallery, Los Angeles

I’m thrilled to announce that my fine art aerial photographs of the West Australian land are continuing their journey in California for the second time! During March 2016,…


Artist Profile (Japanese)

フランス生まれのNikosonoは、これまで作品の中にユニークな表現を追い求め、今も、あまり人に知られていない場所で撮り続けている。Nikosonoの作品は、専ら空から撮影された、シックで洗練されたオーストラリアのありのままの姿だ。- それは、グレートサザンランドの魂を空から見出そうとしたものでもある。西オーストラリアを手始めに、多大な時間を費やし、オーストラリアでの撮影範囲を広げ、都市や郊外、農村地方に足を運んだ。

Nikosono - photo from the Zebra Nude Experience

Zebra Nude Experience explained

Zebras (stripped nudes) has been obviously a genre that the photographer Lucien Clergue reinvented into modern photography (Helmut Newton and Ralph Gibson too). I think sometimes about my…


Australian Biotope exhibited at Photo Basel during Art Basel 2015

Australian Biotope photo series will be shared with the Swiss people between the 17th June and the 20th June 2015 during the Art Basel week at the Photo Basel 2015 Event, part of the Art Basel 2015 contemporary art show.


L’Oeil de la Photographie features “Jeux d’Ombres”

“Jeux d’Ombres, Royan, France”. 1994 by nikosono was featured onto the daily magazine of photography, L’Oeil de la Photographie (The Eye of Photography) in July 2014. A very…


Roma Stasera!

Stasera! Nella serata verranno proiettate le foto di Nikosono – Durante la prima JAM SESSION FOTOGRAFICA di Roma – Vino Bono Enoteca nei pressi di piazzale Clodio, Roma…