La Mixerie is born

« La Mixerie » logo, September 1997, France – designed by Nikosono

Nikosono is very pleased to announce he teamed up with other indie artists (from painters to musicians, v-jays, sculptors, web designers) to develop a multimedia art label named « La Mixerie » based in Poitiers, France.

First demo tape 1997 of « La Mixerie » designed by Nikosono

The multimedia label/community project is originally inspired by many musical and radio projects, Nikosono produced in collaboration with sound designer Amadeus Tapioka (a.k.a. Quimbokat) and French painter Anliz (a.k.a. Al, Anne-Lise Marilleau) in July 1997.

One of the 1996 Tape from « Le Stress de la Mouskiri bleue » Radio show by Amadeus Tapioka and Nikosono. Melted under the sun and photographed by Nikosono.

At the time, the name « La Mixerie » was supposed « to simply evoke a thousands of little daily items you would find in a small grocery shops but can’t find anymore into bigger supermarkets : the things that look small with no value but very useful when you can’t find them anywhere else » explains Nikosono. The name is then a simple combination of the « mix »/ »remix » and « épicerie » (French for « grocery shop ») words.

Painting by Al, France. 1997
First Nikosono’s « Progenitur » EP

La Mixerie has virtually hosted every sound productions by former members of the electronica duet « Woom » : Amadeus Tapioka and Nikosono ever since. The offline/online events of this creative community has already featured the following artists and organisations: Sayag Jazz Machine, Woom, La Baleine, Lobe, Radio Pulsar, Boy Toy Coy, Madrugada, No Records, Abdomens, Troms, Al, 24 Heures du Rock, Ti12, L’indépen-dance, Breeze, La Parole Facile, Nikosono, Jay-Jay Johanson, Rune, Amadeus Tapioka, Un Autre Regard, Trideridoo, Multipistes, Kitchen Musique, La Voix Off!, Autour de Lucie, BMG, Les BPM du Coeur, La Noche Calliente, France Culture.

One of our first release : Sayag Jazz Machine 12″ Amigo (No Negocio Mix)
Jay-Jay Johanson’s Believe In Us (Trip Listening Mix) remixed by Amadeus Tapioka
Breeze « methodology » EP designed by Nikosono

« La Mixerie » community’s main objective is to increase connections between creative people, in a way they can discover new artistic possibilities triggered by the « remix » of cultural backgrounds, various artistic/philosophic influences and horizontal communications. La Mixerie’s website’s tag reads « musique+life+luz »

Löbe/Rune Split EP CD Cover designed by Nikosono for La Mixerie and No Records labels. Painting on CD label by Al – Illustration on CD label by Ti’12 – Photo on back panel by Nikosono
Tröms Remixes by various artists CD Cover designed in 1998 by Nikosono for La Mixerie and No Records labels. Painting on CD label by Al.
Version 1.0 of the official « La Mixerie » website. 1998

Its first internet web site will be launched this week on October 18.